About Us

Barinda Strauss Viljoen, the owner and CEO of Alpha Recruitment, started in 2003 her own recruitment company and offers 15 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, successfully placed top calibre applicants in corporate, small and medium businesses. She is passionate about people and her main focus is to see companies grow with the right people and people making a difference within a company and to develop as an individual.  She is an expert in matching the right candidate in the right position by helping employers achieve organisational success through people.

Barinda Strauss Viljoen

Barinda Strauss Viljoen

Alpha Recruitment is an exclusive search agency that specialises in Agriculture, Horticulture, Financial & Office Recruitment in the whole of the Western Cape. We service Agriculture, Horticulture, Financial, Hospitality companies and Office related recruitment in all industries.  With more than 15 years of extensive experience in the Recruitment Industry, we always strive to be the best in what we love doing.

Our portfolio of clients includes various Agriculture companies, (fruit, wine and livestock)

Horticulture (Nurseries, Landscaping & Grounds, Growers, Turf | Floriculture, Plant or Produce)

Hospitality & Tourism (Restaurants, Lodges, Hotels, Touring, Events) Financial Accounting, (Accountancy, Brokers, Investment, Insurance) and Office-related companies in various Industries.


Recruitment experience for more than 15 years!


We take special care of our relationships with our Clients and Candidates and have done repeat business with both parties. We always put our relationships first and enjoy building relationships with new and existing Clients and Candidates. We play an integral role throughout the recruitment process and take the hassle out of finding a suitable Candidate or Position.


We have a broad database of CV’s and advertise on various job portals to search for new available candidates in our specialized fields. We work very quickly from the time we receive a spec or CV to the time the Candidate/Professional is placed. We have long-lasting relationships with Companies and Directors and keep in touch with Candidates to become a resource centre for both Clients and Candidates. Our Candidates are able to receive professional advice throughout their careers and we are here to assist them along the way. Clients are able to receive information on an annual basis regarding salary scales in our industry and we’re here to be your Professional guide throughout the time the Candidate is in your Employ.


Alpha Recruitment is passionate about helping people and this has become our first priority when assisting Clients and Candidates. It is very important that we assist the Client or Candidate first, listen attentively to what is required, match the right professional to the right Company and make sure the process is efficient, professional, consistent and user-friendly.